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At Concept Communications, we pride ourselves in our ability to fully integrate our client's marketing goals and deliver them consistently in a myriad of communication environments worldwide and through all forms of media. Since 1992, we have left an indelible mark of excellence across the globe. As a full-service company, we do more than just design, construct and project management. We become your eyes and ears on the ground so that you can leave your mark too in a smoother, shorter time.  By joining hands with us, you will be tapping into our local knowledge and expertise and a strategic network of offices and associates to make your assignment ever easier.

At Concept Communications, we are more than a partner!

Today, we have employees of diverse cultures who are ready to render their creativity, professionalism and dedication to your upcoming events, permanent exhibits and exhibitions.


More than half of the staff has more than 10 years of experience in the industry.

our people
12 reasons to work with us


> International Network, Local Knowledge

> Quality Assurance in Design

>Integrated Solutions Provider

> Client-focused NOT Show-focused

> Competitiveness

> Track Record 

> Response Time

> After Sales Service

> Similar Project Experience

> Best Experienced Project Team 

> Project-value Credentials

> Cost Effectiveness

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